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Ordination of Clergy

How to Seek Ordination / Incardination

Holy orders are a fellowship of those called and dedicated to the Lord and His service. We welcome you to pray and consider joining with us.
First of all, we wish to stress that many of our clergy usually serve without salary, however as your ministry grows you certainly may have the option to receive financial support from your ministry.  Types of common ministries include - congregation, home worship, nursing home, prison, counseling etc. Of course our bishops and clergy will assist you with advice, counsel and prayer.
The bishop may also require you to have a telephone interview with other clergy where you can ask questions and so can they. If you and we both feel a call to ordination, a date will be set for you to visit with a bishop. We will not ordain nor allow other clergy to incardinate until there has been at least one such meeting. This meeting should take place prior to the commencement of any required training and will serve to complete the discernment process. If the bishop determines the need to complete Seminary training, you will be will provided with information as to the specific training requirements and the seminary to be used (external studies accepted) If you already hold Seminary training you may be required to take an Orientation Course to teach the basics of the Old Catholic faith.
After successful competition of studies, altar training (leading worship and providing sacraments), and contingent on the approval of the bishops, a date for ordination will be set. Following Catholic Tradition, you will first be ordained a Deacon. After a period of time, (usually a year but may be less) you will be ordained a Priest. The ordination date, location, and rite used will be determined by your bishop. You will be responsible for any travel expenses for both yourself and the bishop.
If you are already in Holy Orders and are seeking incardination (transfer) in addition to following the above steps (with the exception of ordination) you will need to provide the following:
• If you are under spiritual authority of another Bishop you need a release from that Bishop.
• You will need to present documents to verify your ordination.
• An installation service will be done instead of an ordination.
Each clergy will be expected to communicate on a regular basis with their bishop and will be required to file regular reports to their bishop explaining the status of their ministry.

Please make sure that you have read all the material in this site including our beliefs. After doing so you are invited to contact us via email. After we have received your inquiry we will contact you as to how to proceed.


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